Hey! I’m Sebastian, the Founder of Wise Owl Web. I request you to support small businesses, including this one! At the moment, this startup is a small, one-man business. I have always had a passion for the digital and traditional arts. Recently I have been longing for more than the usual 8-5. I want to incorporate my skills and love for art into a fully functional design business. I want to bring you the latest and greatest in the design industry. Largely influenced by my Christian faith, my designs will sometimes feature well-known Bible characters or scriptures to provide an encouraging reminder at the right time. Check out my phone cases to be reminded of a scripture every time you pickup your phone. Or checkout the wallpaper backgrounds featuring ones like Abraham, David, Noah, and many more to be reminded of their examples throughout your day. In addition, I have many designs that are simply designs. I hope that my emotional take on art, gently controlled by the margins of graphic design, will encourage others to express themselves. Explore the world of design by browsing my products on my shop page (above) or through my Instagram shop @wiseowlweb.co. It is my intention to create a marketplace for design products- everything from wallpapers and virtual backgrounds to phone cases and notebooks. I upload new products and designs all the time so be sure to stop by frequently.

By the way, that little chat bubble in the bottom right will notify my cell phone when you message. Feel free to say hi! I’m glad to take product design requests and even consider freelance work! Thank you for shopping Wise Owl Web. I look forward to W.O.W. -ing you! ;D

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